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About Us

In the fall of 2021 David Haari, Marcel Wahli and Stefanie Bieri founded the band The Wolve`s Cave. “Dave”, drummer and initiator of the band, who comes from punk rock and has already gained experience in drumming and producing in a previous band, “Märsu”, who has his passion in rock, has acquired the guitar playing himself and is constantly developing it through his strong interest and “Steffi”, who follows the melancholic sounds from the indie area and already has some experience in singing – with this open and very diverse starting point, the band started their first rehearsals. At first, the band had to find itself not only personally, but also in its musical style. Besides the challenge to create an own sound for the band out of the different directions, the band developed steadily in their musical skills. Later on, the band was looking for a suitable bass player, with whom they found Dominik Abplanalp. “Abdo” brings the good base in the sound and was very adaptable for the band, which helped to uncomplicated cooperation. The Wolves Cave, four wolves who create sound for your ears in their cave. The sound of the band includes different emotional situations and stories from everyday life, whereby perhaps one or the other listener can identify with it. Sometimes very real and sometimes a bit spaced out, be it for dreaming or dancing away. The Wolves Cave is excited about their musical journey and hopes to take other music lovers on this journey

The Wolve`s Cave



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